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Control Through Simplicity - SIMPL Demo

Face 2 Interface's WebSite Information Manager - SIMPL puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to the content, organization, and design of your website.

By using our InterFace screens you can do the following

  • add webpages up to three levels deep
  • edit the content of your site's webpages
  • change the design of your site instantly
  • archive pages by removing navigation
  • permanently remove the pages on your site
  • view activity incl. refering search engines, queries, other sites

Take the SIMPL content management system for a test drive using our demo.

Derived from the U.S. Nat'l Archives Collection Image

SIMPL works by allowing you to affect the content and design of your website using the software tools on our website.

If you can use a web browser you can use SIMPL. There is no download or installation required. And you can sign onto the Interface screens from anywhere you've got a web connection.

The demonstration uses one of our own websites, as a target site. Otherwise it works just as though you were using the service.

When you're ready to start your SIMPL demo click here and the first screen will be right back.


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