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Face 2 Interface's
Site Information Manager -- SIMPLTM

SIMPLTM is a product by Face 2 Interface which is designed to do much of the work behind the scenes in creating and managing the content, navigation, and design of your website.

NO special software is required to create your website the SIMPL way. All the tools are on our website so it doesn't matter if you're on a PC, a Mac, any internet connection will work.

Managing the content of your website can be a bear. Besides written copy for the site, content must be organized into categories and sections of information. Navigational organization is critical so that a visitor can get from one page to another, from one bit of information to the next with a minimum of searching and frustration.

SIMPL takes much of the strain off of the owner of a website by providing facilities for :

  • Creating and editing webpages in a three level hierarchy.
  • Archiving and deleting any and all pages on your site.
  • Changing the design of your entire site instantly by selecting from either the designs we provide for you or choosing to establish one or more custom designs.
  • A powerful shortcut notation for reusing common text including HTML tagging and content through our HEAPS.

Additional conveniences that our product offers the webmaster include :

  • Completely self installing.
  • Allows for instant changes to your site.

If you'd like to learn more about what SIMPL can do for your website, or are interested in developing for a client using our product please take a moment to contact us.

Feel free to take the SIMPL demo which automatically signs you up for a half hour demonstration on one of our fully functional demo target sites.

A Simpl site

Kitrick Short's giclee gallery is written and maintained using Simpl.


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