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Face 2 Interface "Master Your Domain" Series

So you're all set up.

Sitting in front of a computer monitor, looking at this webpage.

Sharing information is what the web can do extraordinarily well.

If you've got a site to promote your business, and someone wants to find out about your merchandise or product they are free to visit your website and start reading.

If they are interested enough to want to go to the trouble of filling out a web form and submitting it to your sales department for more information, they are free to do so.

That's what the web is great for.

Now ask yourself

How many times have I gone to a website about power drills because I think they're cool?

What is a web site?

Having a website means anyone connected to the internet through a web browser can type and see your home page.

Now to create that home page.

Developing a website involves lots of detail work. Either you've got the budget to hire the pros, in which case I hope you consider my company's services as well. Or else you've got the interest to learn enough of this to give yourself a web presence cheaply, by building your own.

What will I need?

Creating a website requires a minimum of three things :

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"They spell it 'da Vinci' and pronounce it 'da Vinchy'. Foreigners always spell better than they pronounce."
-- Mark Twain
The term is freeware
Select the correct definition
an internet directory service
software you can use and give away without payment
what you see is what you get
using a pitch customized for each prospect
put a product into the hands of those needing it
Talk Like the Techies
Face 2 Interface's website contains a glossary of web terminology. You will see words and phrases that may be clicked to see a brief definition of the term.
Gaining a comfort level with the web starts here.
Master Your Domain
Basic Information
Domain Names
USB Basics
Virus Prevention
PC Maintenance
Core Articles
Templated Websites
Usable Sites
Search Engines
Web Lead Generation
Community Building
Building a Usable Site
Why Redo a Web Site
Developer Tips
Web Images
Cross Site Scripting
WebSafe Colors
Net Squirrel
Computer 101
Google201 pix
Google 201
Online Community
Google 101
Other Resources
General Interest
Unshrink Yourself
MIT OpenCourseWare
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