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Form A Table

collect form data, search and display on your site


collect form data
store data in either a flat file or Mysql database
output database to a webpage

search by columns
sort by columns

See FormATable In Action

Enter data into our demo database


Query our demo database

FormATable Being Used By Electric Car Company

Venture Vehicles logo has recently launched their website and is using FormATable for their pre-registration form.

Interested in FormATable on Your Website?

Of course you are free to download FormATable and install it yourself. What if you're uncomfortable doing your own installation though, or would like custom features built in for your own requirements? Contact us with your requirements and we'll get back to you with a bid on your project.

Download Form A Table

Form A Table is Face 2 Interface's free form to database engine available for download to use on your website.


Form A Table includes
the CGI script, written in Perl
a sample HTML form to collect the data
a template driven query screen to display data


Download Form A Table - free form to database engine from Face 2 Interface


Easy to configure and install on your own.
For support, try our BBS.


Terms of Use

Clicking the 'download' button means you agree to hold Face 2 Interface blameless from any issues arising from use of this software.


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