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Face 2 Interface Web Development

Simpl ™ Content Management System

Our content management system comes free with any of our hosting plans.

Choosing a CMS can be a daunting task. Our content management system Simpl is available for free with any of our hosting plans. After you've tried out the demo, let us know what you think, and if there's anything we can do to help set you up.

Open Source Software

Formmail with a self-installing option that may save you the effort of having to install and configure the Perl script and HTML form yourself.

A guestbook with data validation using Ajax and the option of storing entries either on a MySQL DB or flat file, and

FormATable, our web form to searchable & sortable display using an HTML template.

What is most needed on the typical website?

Why do content management products come in such a variety of sizes and costs?

Does the adage "Content is King" LIVE on your site?

Can you accept credit cards in a way that keeps your customer's confidence?

Do changes to your site come easily?

Looking for more dynamic features, personalization, and branding?


Face 2 Interface is dedicated to making the web work for you and your customers, by providing high quality solutions to your business needs.

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Face 2 Interface is in business to get you the most value out of your web presence.

Body Skiing on Mt. Rainier

Doing business on the web is tricky, partly because the technology is so new. Let us show you how to make your website perform for you.
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From full-scale eCommerce sites, to our competitive hosting plans, we will make the web a part of your everyday routine... and your customer's!

Factory Worker

From design and content management to dynamic database driven backends, putting your website into your staff's hands is what we're about.


Change the design of this website.
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"Newpaper editors are men who separate the wheat from the chaff, and then print the chaff."
-- Adlai Stevenson
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Site Information Management (SIMPL)

Setting up a website for your business or organization isn't that hard a task, provided you have a reasonable budget and the material to furnish the designer is ready. Once established though the real work begins.

If a website provides a virtual storefront for your business, then maintenance of the site is the virtual equivalent of changing things to meet the needs of your visitors.

To answer this need, Face 2 Interface has written SIMPL, a website content management system easy enough for a novice, with enough features to keep a professional interested.

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