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Formal: A Free Form Mailer

Use the bulletin board for questions about Formal and the web installer


Formal is Face 2 Interface's free form mail script available for download to use on your website.


Formal includes the CGI script, written in Perl and a sample HTML form that uses the script.


Download Formal - free form mailer from Face 2 Interface


Easy to configure and install on your own and offering features including



We have developed an installer program which you are free to use to try and install Formal for you.


You will have to supply information including your website's FTP id and password.


Install Formal - free form mailer from Face 2 Interface


In case the auto install feature isn't successful you may always download and install on your own.


Terms of Use

Clicking either the 'download' or 'install' buttons means you accept the following terms of use:


  1. you will not sell Formal™
  2. you agree to hold Face 2 Interface blameless from any issues arising from use of this software
  3. our software is not available for use on adult sites, or websites of a defamatory nature
  4. if you use our Formal Installer™ you agree that we may contact you via email as a follow up
  5. Face 2 Interface will not give your information to any other party
  6. Face 2 Interface will not hold onto your private website id & password

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Getting in touch, and keeping in touch with other people has always been the primary usage of the Internet.

From its inception, email has been the most used application of the Internet.

In keeping with that, the website contact form has typically been the first program that a website adds to its presentation.

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